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14 August 2009 - 12:09:33pm

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Adell Poulsen Genealogy

19 August 2017 - 4:42:26pm

On This Day ...
‎(unknown)‎ Hancockunknown (I7305)
Birth - 19 August 1846 (171 year anniversary)
Bradford, York, England

Emma Ensign HillFemale (I3903)
Death - 19 August 1950 (67 year anniversary)
Murray, Salt Lake County, Utah

John Ephraim DahleMale (I8474)
Birth - 19 August 1863 (154 year anniversary)
Logan, Cache County, Utah

Isaac Emer RichardsMale (I3744)
Burial - 19 August 1941 (76 year anniversary)
Malad City, Oneida County, Idaho

William GloverMale (I10533)
Birth - 19 August 1813 (204 year anniversary)
Kilmarnock, Ayr., Scotland

Margaret AdamsonFemale (I9626)
Death - 19 August 1911 (106 year anniversary)

Mette TorkildsenFemale (I6067)
Death - 19 August 1836 (181 year anniversary)

Sarah Margaret BakerFemale (I5230)
Birth - 19 August 1872 (145 year anniversary)
Mendon, Cache County, Utah

Rulon Hill SorensenMale (I10017)
Birth - 19 August 1909 (108 year anniversary)
Fielding, Box Elder County, Utah

Joseph SwensenMale (I10505)
Burial - 19 August 1923 (94 year anniversary)
Mendon, Cache County, Utah

Sarah Ann Staples BakerFemale (I8369)
Birth - 19 August 1854 (163 year anniversary)
Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah

‎(unknown)‎ Hancockunknown (I7305)
Death - 19 August 1846 (171 year anniversary)
Bradford, York, England

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