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Wilson Overly Genealogy
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Earliest Birth Year
Darcey Norman  (I1092)  
Birth 0005

Death Yes
Latest Birth Year
Earliest Death Year James Adamson  (I526)  
Birth 2 June 1708 Auchterderran, Fife, Scotland

Death after 1732 Auchterdam, Fife, Scot
Latest Death Year George C. Harrison  (I390)  
Birth 28 November 1932 Boise, , Idaho, USA

Death 29 May 2005 Spokane, Washington
Person who lived the longest
Basil Steel  (I851)  
Birth 28 November 1801 , , Maryland, USA

Death 28 September 1970 Sheffield Twp, Tippecanoe Co., Indiana, USA
Average age at death
Family with the most children
Benjamin Marion LEWIS + Barbara Young CROCKETT  (F501)  
Marriage before 1864
Average number of children per family

Most Common Surnames
Adamson, Cunningham, Haynes, Overly, Wilson
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Wilson Overly Genealogy

21 August 2014 - 7:59:47pm

On This Day ...
Robert CunninghamMale (I438)
Birth - 21 August 1726 (288 year anniversary)
Tranent, E-Lothian, Scotland

Clyde CoddingtonMale (I804)
Birth - 21 August 1887 (127 year anniversary)
Kansas City, Jackson Co., Missouri

Thomas Dudley Norman + Grace Hapgood (F232)
Marriage - 21 August 1897 (117 year anniversary)
Seattle, Washington, USA

Ann Atkins CROWSHAWFemale (I1547)
Burial - 21 August 1961 (53 year anniversary)
Pocatello, Bannock, Id

Robert CunninghamMale (I438)
Christening - 21 August 1726 (288 year anniversary)
Dysart, Fifeshire, Scotland, Scotland

Amanda HaynesFemale (I755)
Birth - 21 August 1835 (179 year anniversary)
, Ross Co., Ohio

John William OverlyMale (I1)
Burial - 21 August 2000 (14 year anniversary)
Larkin Sunset Ga, Sandy, Utah, USA

Charles AllanMale (I464)
Christening - 21 August 1766 (248 year anniversary)
Dysart, Fifeshire, , Scotland
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