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14 August 2009 - 12:09:33pm

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Adell Poulsen Genealogy

24 February 2018 - 10:14:45pm

On This Day ...
George BirdMale (I6785)
Death - 24 February 1818 (200 year anniversary)

Levi Parker Cooper + Maggie Mae Archibald (F4396)
Marriage - 24 February 1909 (109 year anniversary)
Logan, Cache County, Utah

Edward Poter Malmberg DahleMale (I8462)
Death - 24 February 1942 (76 year anniversary)

Amanda PetersonFemale (I10554)
Birth - 24 February 1883 (135 year anniversary)
Hyde Park, Cache County, Utah

Else SorensenFemale (I5692)
Death - 24 February 1828 (190 year anniversary)
Ormeslev, Vemmelev, Soro, Denmark

Mary Alice DavisFemale (I11337)
Burial - 24 February 1936 (82 year anniversary)
Wilford, Fremont County, Idaho

William AllendenMale (I4068)
Birth - 24 February 1832 (186 year anniversary)
North Tuddenham, Norfolk, England

Elizabeth Marie TerryFemale (I4596)
Burial - 24 February 1962 (56 year anniversary)
Logan, Cache County, Utah

Henry Gorril HughesMale (I3652)
Death - 24 February 1943 (75 year anniversary)
Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah

Pauline PoulsenFemale (I9384)
Birth - 24 February 1839 (179 year anniversary)
Kirke Stillinge, Soro, Denmark

Margaret Ella WillieFemale (I9198)
Death - 24 February 1937 (81 year anniversary)
OGDEN, Weber County, Utah

George DeMar GardnerMale (I10195)
Death - 24 February 1912 (106 year anniversary)
Mendon, Cache County, Utah

Frederick Isak SorensenMale (I2176)
Birth - 24 February 1840 (178 year anniversary)
Haverup, Soro, Denmark

Hilda ThorpeFemale (I7651)
Death - 24 February 1993 (25 year anniversary)
Logan, Cache County, Utah

Owen Joseph SorensenMale (I2173)
Burial - 24 February 1998 (20 year anniversary)
Mendon, Cache County, Utah

Erik AndersonMale (I5930)
Burial - 24 February 1907 (111 year anniversary)
Logan, Cache County, Utah

Janet LivingstonFemale (I6775)
Death - 24 February 1904 (114 year anniversary)
Cottonwood, Salt Lake County, Utah

Martha Clementine AllenFemale (I5500)
Burial - 24 February 1934 (84 year anniversary)
Mendon, Cache County, Utah

William GeorgeMale (I9776)
Burial - 24 February 1929 (89 year anniversary)
Mendon, Cache County, Utah

Donna Vivian SheenFemale (I5900)
Birth - 24 February 1928 (90 year anniversary)
Smithfield, Cache County, Utah

Robert Sweeten + Amanda Hagle (F3196)
Marriage - 24 February 1869 (149 year anniversary)
Warwick, Lambton, Ontario, Canada

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