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Maddocks Family
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Earliest birth yearRoger del Field ‎(I131)‎
Birth 1240
Death Yes
Latest birth yearThis information is private and cannot be shown.
Earliest death yearJohn SPENCER ‎(I837)‎
Birth about 1500 Of, Patenham, Bedfordshire, England
Death 9 June 1558 ‎(Age 58)‎ Probably, Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England
Latest death year MerrillLee Maddocks ‎(I132)‎
Birth 17 March 1946 Greenville, Pumas, Calif
Death 24 August 2008 ‎(Age 62)‎ Utah
Person who lived the longest
Jeremiah Walker ‎(I30)‎
Birth 17 September 1702 Needham?
Death 1811 ‎(Age 108)‎
Average age at death
Males: 61   Females: 58
Family with the most children
Henry BURT + Eulalia MARCH ‎(F292)‎
Marriage 28 December 1619 England
Average number of children per family
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Maddocks Family

22 October 2017 - 4:41:21am

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He was one of the earliest signers of the
He was one of the earliest signers of the "Exeter Combination," a compact made by a voluntary association, for governmental purposes, drawn up by their pastor and signed by thirty-five adult males of the settlement of Oyster river, dated July 4, 1639

View Person -- Darby Field  (I121)

Show Details Note: Whereas it hath pleased the Lord to move the heart of our dread Sovereign Charles by the grace of God, King of England, Scotland, France & Ireland, to grant license & liberty to sundry of his subjects to grant themselves in the western parts of America - We his loyal subjects, brethren of the church in Ecceter, situate and lying upon the river Pascataquacke with other inhabitants there, considering with ourselves the holy will of God and our own necessity, that we should not live without wholesome laws and government among us, of which we are altogether destitute, do in the name of Christ and in the sight of God combine ourselves together to erect and set up amongst us such government as shall be to our best discerning agreeable to the will of God professing ourselves subjects to our Sovereign Lord King Charles, according to the liberties of our English colony of the Massachusetts, and binding ourselves solemnly by the grace and help of Christ, and in his name and fear, to submit ourselves to such godly and christian laws as are established in the realm of England to our best knowledge, and to all other such laws which shall upon good grounds be made and enacted amongst us according to God, that we may live quietly & peacably together in all godliness and honesty.

Mo. 5 D. 4, 1639.

John Wheelwright

Augustine Storer

Thomas Wright

William Wentworth

Henry Elkins

George Walton

Samuel Walker

Thomas Petit

Henry Roby

William Winborne

Thomas Crawley

Christopher Helme

Darby Field

Robert Read

Edward Rishworth

Francis Matthews

Godfrey Dearborne

William Wardhall

Robert Smith

Ralph Hall

Robert Seward

Richard Bulger

Christopher Lawson

George Barlow

Richard Morris

Nicholas Needham

Thomas Wilson

George Rawbone

William Cole

James Wall

Thomas Leavitt

Edmund Littlefield

John Cramme

Philemon Purmot

Thomas Wardhall

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